Industrial vehicle product lines

After more than 25 years in the industrial vehicle spare part industry, we know our sector well and are familiar with all of the specific demands is has. Presently, we offer ten different lines of products::



Fundamentally, a tubular bracket supplies the force required to hold a spring and its components in place. Tubular brackets are made from high quality steel, whose composition stands out for having a high elastic capacity in line with its resistance.

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Barra estabilizadora


The objective of a stabilizer bar is to improve the torsional rigidity of the vehicle’s suspension while taking on curves in the road. For this reason, stabilizer bars are fabricated out of materials resistant to bending and are made in the shape of an arc.

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By definition, a dumper lorry is a piece of equipment used to transport large capacity loads. Dumpers are preferably used in the transportation of quarry material as well as in construction projects that require the transportation of soil.

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This category includes all of the specific elements needed to repair the suspension of different units requiring mechanical suspension as well as air suspension.

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Quinta rueda


Fifth wheel coupling connects the tractor head unit to the rest of the trailer. The use and assembly of fifth wheels is subject to design approval and require extremely high security requisites. Fifth wheels must abide by the pertinent national regulations.

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This category includes, (similar to the platform category), all of the elements that can be substituted in cases of erosión or breakage in lorries. These elements include chassis supports, double tyres, pins, bronze sleeves, silent block springs, and any other type of anchoring or articulation element.

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Tirantes y V


The main function of these parts is to fasten the loading axle or fastening. For this reason, these parts must have the necessary flexibility and resistance characteristics. If their components don't fit correctly with the rest of the gears, adverse results will be produced.

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The components that belong to a lorry’s steering parts are responsible for the movement of its axles. These components must fulfil quality requisites in order to guarantee their durability and proper functioning.

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Tirantes y V


The proper functioning of the truck's cabin guarantees the comfort of the driver, especially on the most complicated terrain. Sometimes, the wear of the elements that are in it can generate annoying noises and even affect the stability of the cabin, so they must be replaced immediately.

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Tirantes y V


Our catalogue has been growing in order to offer a more complete solution to our customers every day. That is why there are products that, although we do not consider them a category, are part of our range of spare parts. On this page you can find these products and consult them on our website or download the catalogue.

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