Manufacturing and distribution of vehicle suspension parts

Manufacturing and distribution of suspension and steering parts for industrial vehicles (lorries and trailers).



More than 6.100 products

We are manufacturers who provide a constantly updated catalog that offers advanced and up-to-date products. Presently, we produce more than 4,500 product references, whose information you can find on our website.

We are continually expanding and incorporating new and refined elements to products already on the market. In this way, we offer a wider range of product lines, as well as complete coverage regarding the professional repair of industrial vehicles belonging to all of the European brands and models on the market.

+6160 Cuymar References | +14320 OEM references | Adaptable to 48 brands


Warehouse and Services

Our warehouse, situated in Zaragoza, near the largest logistic and intermodal transportation complex in Southeastern Europe, provides us with the advantage of delivering our products in record time. We offer an ample selection of products in permanent stock. Our facilities, comprised of 4,000 square metres, allow us to store the necessary product stock needed to offer rapid and efficient service to our clients from all around the world.

We know that waiting for replacement parts is money lost for our clients, and for that reason we work extra hard to ensure the rapid dispatch of our products, in order to reduce shipping times and guarantee a rapid and reliable delivery.



Returns notified within 30 days of delivery of the material will be accepted. To access you must fill in the form that at link located just below.

* After those 30 days, a 20% surcharge will be applied.


Quality Guarantee

Cuymar’s products respond to market demands, offering maximum resistance that guarantees security and avoids accident risks. For that reason, quality and security are fundamental elements in our business strategy.

The fabrication processes and development of our products are all verified and tested according to basic standards. The security and reliability of Cuymar’s products are demonstrated in our UNE-EN ISO 9001 certification, that have endorsed our products and processes since 2007.

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The marks, parts and original references of the manufacturer that appear on this website, have the sole purpose of facilitating the identification of the parts.

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