In this category we include all the necessary elements for the suspension repair both in the units in which the suspension is mechanical and pneumatic. It is one of the largest in our catalogue.

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The pneumatic suspension is the most used in industrial vehicles today due to the advantages of its use compared to other types of suspensions.

The pneumatic suspension, instead of using the classic springs of the mechanical suspension, uses a compressor, which drives air to achieve the damping effect. This allows a better adaptation to the unevenness, potholes and sinkholes that a certain pavement may present, absorbing much better the irregularities of the ground on which it travels.

Its operation has a direct impact on comfort in driving the vehicle as well as on safety and load conservation during the journey and when braking. In addition, depending on the type of terrain that is travelled, we can easily adjust the height automatically or manually.


mechanical suspension example

The mechanical suspension is composed of mechanical elements, which are responsible for supporting and correcting the problems that the terrain on which it circulates may present. These types of suspensions are simpler than pneumatic suspensions.

The main element of the mechanical suspension is the leaf spring. They are the elastic component responsible for absorbing most of the irregularities. The crossbow is made up of several sheets of steel. Along with the crossbow we would find other parts such as supports, tie rods or silentblocks.

Also related to the mechanical suspension are the stabilizer bar elements. You can find all the information about them on the page corresponding to the stabilizer bar.

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