The tie rods play a fundamental role in the proper functioning of industrial vehicles. They are responsible for maintaining the horizontal stability of the vehicle.

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The number of product references related to the Tie Rods and "V" Rods has been growing exponentially at Cuymar Suspension Parts. The elements that make up the family of "V" Rods, tie rods and repair kits, are usually related to each other, on our website we want to facilitate this identification and for this reason, in many cases you will find the main product you are looking for along with related products. This information is only available to registered customers on our website.

If you need to consult all our references adaptable to the different brands of tie rods spare parts, we give you the option of downloading our catalogue. In it you will find all the detailed information for the identification of the part you need.

To have access to the catalogues it is necessary to be registered on our website. If you are already registered, go to our main page, from which you can access all the catalogues.

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Informative notes on Tie Rods

We have prepared several notes with information that you may find interesting about Tie Rods and "V" Rods:

Remplazo de los tirantes y V´s

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