The elements responsible for the perfect fit between the suspension elements of the truck and its chassis.

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Rigid parts application

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+480 Cuymar References | +1060 OEM References | Adaptable to 16 Brands

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At Cuymar Suspension Parts we have extensive experience in this family of products, it is one that we have been working with for the longest time. We wanted to reflect this experience on our website. The spare parts of this family are related to each other, therefore, when searching our website for many of these products, those that are related will appear. For example, if you are looking for a support for the crossbow, you may also need the silentblock, so it will be much easier to locate the parts you need. This functionality will only be available to registered customers.

If you need to consult all our references adaptable to the different brands of rigid spare parts, we give you the option of downloading our catalogue. In it you will find all the detailed information for the identification of the part you need.

To have access to the catalogues it is necessary to be registered on our website. If you are already registered, go to our main page, from which you can access all the catalogues.

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Informative notes on Rigid Spare Parts

We have prepared several notes with information that you may find interesting about the rigid spare parts:

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The marks, parts and original references of the manufacturer that appear on this website, have the sole purpose of facilitating the identification of the parts.

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