Silentblocks for truck suspension

The silentblocks for the suspension of the truck are a fundamental element for its proper functioning.

A silent block in good condition is synonymous with better driving. This part is key to the stability of the truck, reducing vibrations and avoiding possible problems in the direction of the vehicle, which will also have an impact on better tire management.

In addition, they help reduce the noise generated by the different parts that make up the suspension: supports, tie rods, bars… and improve the joint operation of all of them.

Considerations on its operation

Due to the role they perform, bushings for truck suspension will wear out over time. This wear will be greater the worse the quality of the spare part and the more aggressive the vehicle is driven. Finally, the piece will end up breaking, which could generate a major breakdown. Therefore, these components must be checked and replaced before they break.

Remember that the silentblocks cannot be repaired, so you have to change the entire piece.

Parts of the truck in which the silentblocks are involved

At Cuymar Suspension Parts we are specialized in spare parts for the suspension of your truck. We have a wide range of the best quality silentblocks adaptable to the different brands on the market.

Truck suspension and its silentblocks

The suspension of the truck, whether pneumatic or mechanical, is responsible for driving safety and comfort.

Truck suspension and its silentblocks

Some silentblocks for the suspension of the truck in good condition will guarantee its correct operation and help to avoid possible risks.

Silentblocks for platform | Silentblocks for rigid

Bushes for stabilizer bar

The stabilizer bar is responsible for maintaining good stability when cornering the truck, transferring part of the force received from one side of the suspension to the other.

Bushes for stabilizer bar

Although the stabilizer bar is difficult for it to break, the elements used for its placement do, the connecting rods and the silentblocks. As a consequence, the noise and vibration coming from this part of the truck would increase. So you should replace them with a quality replacement.

Bushes for stabilizer bar

Silentblocks for cabin elevation

The cabin elevation components are responsible for making it possible to tilt the cabin. This facilitates the possibility of accessing certain parts of the truck for repair.

Silentblocks for cabin elevation

Cabin pumps, cylinders and silentblocks must work together for the lifting system to work correctly.

Cabin silent blocks

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