Cuymar, TecAlliance Certified Data Provider

At the end of 2018, Cuymar became a TecAlliance data provider. The reference virtual catalog of the automotive aftermarket at European level and which has an increasingly greater presence in the rest of the world.

It was certainly an important decision for our company. With her, we were looking for two objectives. We intended to achieve a greater reach of our brand in the digital channel. But we also wanted to offer a better service to our customers and make it easier to identify our products.

Since then, with each update we have made to the data, we have tried to improve the information offered on each of our products.

We have also corrected all those bugs that we have been identifying so that this information is as relevant as possible.

The effort made has certainly been worth it. We can announce that Cuymar Suspension Parts has entered the list as a TecAlliance certified data provider. This certification places us at the level of other major brands within the platform.

What does it mean to be a certified TecAlliance data provider?

Being a TecAlliance certified data provider guarantees that the data of our products are adapted and fully comply with the quality recommendations that are required.

Our catalog of spare parts is constantly growing. For this reason, we upload the data to the platform periodically so that it is also kept up to date.

This guarantees that our novelties can be found almost immediately in the TecAlliance catalogue.

Cuymar’s commitment, once this recognition has been achieved, is to maintain the level of quality of our data and continue to improve them progressively in both new and existing products.

Currently our brand appears for two countries, Spain and France. All products that are uploaded to the TecAlliance catalog are also available for consultation on our website.